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The Sacred Beauty Movement

The Sacred Beauty Movement was created to help women discover the connection between inner and outer beauty, love themselves more and uplift one another along the way. Together, we are creating a new, empowered beauty culture for generations to come. We hope you will join us!

Sacred Beauty Coaching is a one-on-one virtual program designed to awaken deeper self-love and connection to your sacred self. Rebecca provides personal guidance, support and Sacred Beauty tools to enhance

how you see yourself and show up in the world!

Sacred Beauty Salon is a group workshop that travels coast-to-coast, empowering women with the message

that our beauty is sacred. Experience the magic of the movement that women in New York, LA, Miami and

San Francisco are calling "groundbreaking",

"life-changing" and a "must experience".

Sacred Beauty Collective is a live, 3-month group program based in New York City. Join an intimate group of like-minded women to connect, share and explore a holistic approach to beauty. Meet with Rebecca and her inner circle of beauty and wellness experts to learn transformative tools and find support, inspiration and sisterhood!

Grab Free "Your Beauty is Sacred"

14 Page Guided Self-Love Journal


Deep Self-Love

True Sisterhood

Inner + Outer Beauty

It's true, we ARE stronger together! When women gather in the name of beauty and healing, our strength is magnified. The women who are called to be a part of the Collective are dynamic, loving sisters who are ready to uplift, support and inspire you!

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, so the connection between our inner and outer beauty is intrinsic. As we acknowledge, nourish and celebrate our unique beauty from both perspectives, we create an ageless radiance that glows from the inside out.

Self-love isn't selfish, it's essential. We believe that your relationship with yourself must be treated with the utmost care and attention. When you learn ways to love and accept yourself, you love others and show up in the world in more powerful ways.