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Who is Sacred Beauty Collective for?

Sacred Beauty Collective is for women of all ages and backgrounds who have a desire to connect more deeply with their authentic beauty. The women who join are interested in learning more about themselves and the tools they can use to support beauty and wellness from the inside out. Some are very familiar with the idea, while others are brand new to it. We hold space to uplift and help one another to be our most radiant, confident selves. 

I work full-time and have a family. Will I have time to participate?

Yes- the time needed for this program is relatively small, especially compared to what you'll gain! Sacred Beauty Collective Sessions take place just 2 evenings per month, for 3 months in convenient Manhattan locations. You will also be asked to schedule some time in between sessions to integrate the practices and connect with your Collective partner. If you feel called to have this experience, you owe it to yourself to carve out the time!

What are the requirements to be part of Sacred Beauty Collective?

We are looking for women who are excited, willing and ready to join our movement. This means doing your best to show up for the live sessions and stay in touch with your SBC partner in between sessions. Although not a requirement, we ask that you help us spread the message to other women and girls by posting about Sacred Beauty Collective on social media. We need your voice in the conversation!

What can I expect to gain from this program?

You can expect to gain more confidence and self-love, real, authentic connection with other women in the group and a whole new approach to beauty. You'll learn about powerful practices and rituals that can transform how you see yourself and move through the world. You'll gain practical tools that you can use again and again!


But be sure to read the testimonials about Sacred Beauty Collective from past guests to learn even more.


What are you looking to gain? We would love to hear from you! 


Have more questions?

Please email us below or at and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less.

Thanks for getting in touch. We will get back to you ASAP!

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