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1:1 Sacred Beauty Coaching

As both a professional makeup artist and certified wellness coach, I have the experience and training to help women make major shifts in how they see and feel about themselves-- which affects everything in our lives. Our identity is at the foundation of our relationships, our family life, our career and how we show up in the world every day. If we can learn how to make self-love and care our #1 priority, we can create much more sustainable beauty, health and happiness.

Through my Sacred Beauty Salon workshops with women from coast-to-coast and around the world, I know that the stories we tell ourselves are universal and all too pervasive. We struggle with our self-worth, how we look and how we appear to others. We are disconnected form our femininity and feeling like the beautiful, dynamic Goddesses we are. Many of us have attended the workshops and read the books, but have a hard time incorporating the ideas and tools we have learned into our daily life.

Now more than ever, women are being called to rise to their full potential and this is why I feel so called to offer one-on-one coaching again. Group workshops are definitely empowering and fun, but deeper personal transformations can take focused, personalized attention and consistent support. I am excited to open up a few spots for women who are ready to really go there, embracing their unique, natural beauty and shining their inner light like never before!

If this speaks to you, please read more about Sacred Beauty Coaching and reach out to me for a complimentary Intro Session!

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