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Make a Statement: Vampy Makeup

I was super excited when my favorite website Well + Good asked me to weigh in on why vampy makeup is so hot right now. Here's my take, plus some of my top picks for rich makeup shades you will want to wear wayyy past Halloween!

“The recent trends embracing dark makeup reflect a rebellion from conventional beauty standards,” says Rebecca Casciano, natural beauty expert and makeup artist who’s worked with Hannah Bronfman and Mary J. Blige. “It’s saying we don’t care if you think we look ‘pretty,’ we wear this because it makes us feel good. Women are feeling called to tap into their inner witches, goddesses, and ultimately, their most powerful feminine selves.” Hell yes.

"From gorgeous blood-reds to rich violets (and every sultry shade in between), these are the products you’ll want to swipe on to upgrade your pumpkin spice activewear or your costume. Don’t be surprised if they become your fall and winter staples." - Rachel Lapidos for Well + Good

Click here to see our top makeup picks and full article!

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