• Rebecca Casciano

Gratitude + Gifts For You

I am of the belief that we can't talk about things like gratitude, love and self-care too much, especially in times like these. We are nearing the end of one of the most tumultuous and traumatic years in recent memory. We have endured countless tragedies-- both natural and man-made-- that have caused collective mental, emotional and spiritual stress. As we move into the holiday season, I want to encourage us all to take more time to reflect on what really matters and renew our courage and faith. For me, even small practices of gratitude and self-care are essential daily rituals.

When I feel despair or sadness, I write out a gratitude list and it almost always boosts my mood. Some of my other favorite self-care practices include meditation, yoga and eating lots of veggies. They help me feel more connected with my divine, inner beauty and all the goodness in my life. Yes, #sograteful. What nourishes your spirit? What are you grateful for? Grab a notebook and take 5 minutes to write this out sometime this Thanksgiving week. If you would like to reply to this email and share with me, I would love that too! In keeping with the holiday spirit, I wanted to gift you with a couple healthy nuggets to support your Thanksgiving.Read on for some valuable wellness tips, plant-based recipes from my friends and a special clean beauty giveaway from me!

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