• Rebecca Casciano

New Year, New Makeup

During this time of life-changing resolutions and intentions to better ourselves, I want to offer you a fun alternative: new makeup! Trying something new with your makeup can actually represent a powerful act of self-care. One of the things I have learned through my many years of being a makeup artist and working with hundreds of women, is that how we look and feel about ourselves are deeply connected. When we take the time and effort to care for our appearance, we feel more confident.

Whether you are a makeup minimalist or enthusiast, the start of the New Year can be the perfect time to try something new-- a different color, style or clean beauty swap.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these photos from my latest beauty project. My vision for this photoshoot was to show you how 4 different looks can be created with minimal makeup. I hope that these simple, yet chic, looks will inspire you to explore and expand your beauty routine in new ways.

I listed all the clean beauty products I used to get each look below. Enjoy exploring them on your own, or if you want to have even more fun, book an in-person makeup lesson or virtual consultation with me!

Look 1: The Minimalist

This is your "no-makeup" makeup look-- lightly enhancing brows, evening out skin tone and adding

a soft pink to cheeks and lips. A sweet look for a daytime date, meeting or just because!

On skin:

max and me Facial Oil in i am the light

Antonym Cosmetics Skin Esteem Foundation in Beige Medium Light

Alima Pure Cream Concealer in Echo

Fitglow Beauty Mineral Cheek in Quartz