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Meet Our Experts: Outer Beauty

On April 5th, the new season of Sacred Beauty Collective begins and we start our 6-month journey by exploring the first of The 6 Key Elements of Sacred Beauty: Outer Beauty. I consider this element to be an entry point into deeper exploration, because how we look and how we feel about how we look is something women are accustomed to thinking about, for better or worse.

While the pursuit of and attention to Outer Beauty may be considered trivial, it most certainly is not. Our appearance is an outward reflection of who we are, how we express ourselves and what we eat, drink and most importantly, think.

Outer Beauty is what inspired my own awakening 20+ years ago. After several years of struggling with severe cystic acne and trying to address it from the outside, I discovered that what I needed was to heal the inside. This led me to adopting a plant-based diet, practicing meditation and holistic healing modalities. The journey within has forever transformed how I see beauty in myself and others.

Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to take pride in my appearance and to express myself through clothing, hair and makeup. The essence of her message was "when you look good, you feel good." and I have to say, to this day, I couldn't agree more. Later, I learned firsthand that the opposite is also true: when you feel good, you look good. Mind, body and spirit wellness will make you glow like no outfit or product can. Our inner and outer beauty are truly connected!

As someone who has appreciated the art of makeup from a young age and made a career out of it, I know how fun and transformative it can be. I see it as one of many tools that we can choose from to help you see your beauty in new ways, express a mood or style and even boost your confidence. If makeup isn't "your thing", that's okay too. In my experience, I have found in many cases, women don't know how to use makeup so they avoid it altogether, they don't like the way makeup feels, or they want to avoid all the chemicals used in cosmetics.

In our first Sacred Beauty Collective session on Outer Beauty, my goal is to teach you the techniques, tools and clean beauty products you can use to enhance your natural beauty. I will demonstrate a day-to-evening makeup look, giving you step-by-step instructions on what to do and why. Then, you will have the chance to practice the looks on yourself, with my guidance and consciously curated makeup kit. This is a live session for NYC members only, however, I will be sharing makeup tutorial videos and answering questions every month in our online program.

Speaking of which, our second live session on Outer Beauty will be a virtual gathering featuring guest expert Sandra Lanshin, acupuncturist, herbalist and founder of Treatment by Lanshin, a holistic skincare studio in Brooklyn. I will be interviewing Sandra all about her unique approach to radiant, healthy skin using Chinese medicine to help balance, restore and transform skin from the inside out. You will learn about the products, tools and techniques she uses on her patients to get the most effective results.

I am SO excited to introduce you to Sandra for several reasons: one, because she is an incredibly knowledgable and highly skilled skincare expert; two, because she takes a holistic approach to skincare based on the same principles that helped heal my cystic acne; three, because I am fascinated by the Chinese medicine facial tools and techniques she uses (see below) and last, because my skin issues were the catalyst for transforming not only my outer beauty, but my entire lifestyle, well-being and philosophy on beauty!

Both in-person and online Sacred Beauty Collective members will be invited to join our virtual sessions, which take place live the 2nd Thursday of each month over a video conferencing platform called Zoom. These sessions will be posted in our online program, where they can be accessed anytime through the duration of the program. Bring all your most burning beauty questions!

Are you ready to embrace and love your beauty like never before? Join our Sacred Beauty Collective now!

Sandra and I can't wait to share our expertise with you. Have questions? Visit our F.A.Q. and email us for more.

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