• Rebecca Casciano

My Sacred Beauty Rituals: Part 3

I am so excited to share one of my long-time favorite Sacred Beauty Rituals with you-- it's one of the simplest, quickest practices to calm the mind and uplift the spirit. Smudging is a traditional ritual used by beautiful Native American and indigenous cultures worldwide to purify space, people and objects. It's practiced by burning sacred plants, such as sage, cedar, sweetgrass and palo santo, with the intention to clear negative energy, connect to our spirituality and other metaphysical purposes.

When the herbs or woods are burned, they emit a smoke and fragrance which are believed to have both aromatic and symbolic effects. I personally can attest to smudging benefits, as I have been burning sage and frankincense in my home for many years. Some of the reasons I'm inspired to smudge are:

- to clear the physical space when I move into a new home or host an event

- to clear my energy during meditation and upon coming home after a day out in the world

- to clear our home after a disagreement with my partner or a family member

- to clear my crystals or any previously used items I purchase

How to Smudge

It's really simple to practice smudging! All you need is your sacred plant of choice and a small, cast iron bowl or abalone shell. The bowl or shell is important to catch any embers after lighting your smudge tool, as well as a place to rest and extinguish it.

1. To start, open your window a crack to let the smoke and energies release. Then light the tip of the sage/sweetgrass/palo santo. It's helpful to use a candle, as you will have to hold the plant in the flame for a moment to get it going.

2. With the smudging plant in your hand, gently wave it over your body or areas of the home you wish to clear. Be intentional with this by reciting your wishes for the ritual either out loud or in your head. For example,"May this sage clear any negative, stagnant energies and welcome in beauty, creativity, love, abundance..."

3. When you're finished, be sure to extinguish the smudge tool in your bowl, don't assume that it went out if you don't see any smoke. Please be safe!