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April: Plant Based Beauty

Like so many of us, I have early memories of connecting with nature and appreciating its bounty and beauty. From the bright, seasonal flowers that bloomed in our city yard to the wild berries I picked (and ate!) outside my grandparents house in the country, I always knew that plants were special.

But it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s and struggling with skin issues that I learned how truly beneficial they are to our inner and outer beauty.

Thanks to my friends and roommates at the time, I learned how a whole foods, plant-based diet and lifestyle could help me heal my skin and improve my overall health. It just made so much sense to return to nature, as humans have done for ages, for nourishment, healing and harmony.

This revelation not only improved my acne, but transformed my entire lifestyle for the better, and plant-based beauty has been my philosophy ever since!

For me, this encompasses what we eat, drink and what we apply to our skin.

It’s creating a diet filled with the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that our inner and outer beauty needs to thrive. When we adopt a plant-based diet, we benefit from a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients that can only be found in nature.

This also means choosing cosmetics that are made with more plant-based vs. synthetic ingredients, which is better for our skin, health and the planet. Our skin is our largest organ, so it makes sense that we benefit from ingredients derived from nature on the outside, as well as the inside.

This approach empowers us to make conscious choices that honor our own well-being as well as the natural world around us.

I so look forward to exploring ways to embrace the plant-based beauty philosophy together this month!


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