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Connecting With the Goddess

Throughout cultures around the world, the goddess represents the embodiment the divine feminine. Since ancient times, she’s been revered as the source of all creation and many other virtues, such as strength, courage, wisdom and beauty. She was known as Pachamama in indigenous cultures and as Gaia in ancient Greece, both meaning Mother Earth, or Universe.

The image above is Isis, one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt and one I of the first goddesses I remembering being drawn to.

Today, the goddess can still be found in many religions and spiritual communities. I believe that with reverence, we too can honor her as a source of inspiration and empowerment. By bringing the goddess into our rituals, we can celebrate her and connect with our own divine feminine energy.

To begin your goddess practice, you'll want to choose a goddess that resonates with you right now. You can research online to learn more about all the goddesses or try card decks Legendary Ladies and The Goddess Tarot to explore a range of goddesses from around the world.

Your goddess can also be a modern day woman who inspires you and embodies qualities you admire. These could be an aspects of yourself that you want to strengthen and/or cultivate.

Next, find a representation of her that speaks to you. This can be a photo, small statue or even a symbolic representation, such as a flower or crystal. You can find many options online and in local spiritual shops or bookstores.

Display the goddess on your Sacred Beauty Altar, a special area in your home that you’ve chosen to honor your sacred self. This is the place where you practice inner and outer beauty rituals, from mirror work to makeup. Set an intention for what you'd like to explore in your practice.

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Every day, take time to connect with your goddess. This can be through meditation, prayer, journaling and/or any mindful practice you feel called to do. Even just gazing at her throughout the day can activate your connection.

Observe any thoughts and emotions that arise for you during your practice. When you're ready, take 5-10 minutes to write in your journal. You can freewrite, (write continuously without editing) or explore writing prompts such as:

What thoughts, emotions or images are coming up for me right now?

Which aspects of the goddess am I feeling most inspired by?

What gifts and/or superpowers do I want to cultivate today?

Close this Sacred Beauty Ritual by placing your hands in prayer or over your heart and giving gratitude to the goddess within and without.

I recommend repeating this for a set number of days, such as 7, but I believe you can do it anytime you feel called to and still benefit.

Do you have a goddess practice? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

Further goddess reading:

Goddesses in Every Woman by Jean Shinoda Bolen

Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

Inner Witch by Gabriela Herstik

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