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Creating Sacred Space in Pasadena

Glowing with gratitude after my first event in Pasadena, Creating Sacred Space for Beauty, @sajewellness! It was so much fun sharing some of the tools and products that have helped me and my clients create sacred space for beauty... so needed in today’s world. Most of all, it was nourishing to be face to face with like-minded women who are also seeking a more holistic path to beauty.

My intention word for the night was #community - to feel a part of my new community and also to create space within it for even more beauty and sisterhood. I felt so supported by Team Saje, our sponsors @drinkolipop @vapourbeauty @ranavatbotanticals and to my new and old friends, neighbors and all the gorgeous women who just took a chance and showed up. ⁠ You are seen, heard and appreciated. Thank you for your generosity and kindness!

To be continued, Los Angeles...


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