• Rebecca Casciano

Dear Friend,

I’m thinking of you so much during these times. I pray that you and your families are and stay safe, healthy and at peace. I pray for all those that are suffering with this virus and that we can help to minimize its negative impacts on our lives and world. And, I pray that as a result of these difficult times, we find deeper levels of connection, healing and transformation. God/Goddess knows we need it. 🙌⁠⠀


In the meantime, I’ve also been busy doing all the things that suddenly became urgent- cleaning, shopping, watching the news, cancelling travel plans and checking in on family and friends. As much as I believe in the power of a positive mindset and spirituality, my peace of mind has definitely been challenged these past few days. You too? 💗⁠⠀


I think we need to give ourselves a lot of grace right now. We’ve never done this before. This level of uncertainty and fear can deeply shake our mental and emotional states. At the same time, we need to be conscious and proactive about our fearful thoughts and emotions. Whether we’re worrying about a present or future situation, cultivating this ability is undoubtedly essential to our well-being. 🧘‍♀️⁠⠀


I’m so grateful to all of the people in our communities who are sharing their tools, gifts and talents during this time. It’s been helpful to read encouraging words, ask questions and share resources with both trusted friends and experts. As we all make the necessary changes in our lives, having this kind of support and connection will become increasingly important and needed. 💯⁠⠀


As both a makeup artist and a wellness coach, I’ll be focusing on all the ways I can support you, your beauty and wellness, virtually. As you may know, I offer Sacred Beauty Coaching, which is one-on-one support and guidance via bi-weekly Zoom sessions. I’m also excited to open the virtual doors to Sacred Beauty Collective, my beloved membership community, very soon. You’ll be the first to know when we're ready and I do hope you’ll join us! 💻 ⁠⠀


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