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December: Celebrating Your Journey

December marks the last month of the calendar year and along with the rush of the holiday season, it brings about a powerful opportunity for self-reflection and visioning.

You may be starting to reflect on where you've been this year, where you are now and where you'd like to go in the new year. You may also find self-judgement creeping in about what you’d hoped to have accomplished or experienced at this point.

For many of us, (myself included) the path ahead isn't always as clear as it used to be, or at least seemed to be, in many ways. These days, moving forward takes more courage, resilience and self-love than ever before.

That’s why this month, we’ll be celebrating every step of our 2021 journeys together! We’ll explore end-of-the-year practices, rituals and tools that empower us to have more compassion, acceptance and love towards ourselves and others.

We’ll be kicking off December's theme with Sacred Beauty Session 57 tomorrow, December 2nd at 4PM PST.

On December 16th, we'll be joined by Guest Expert, Mariam Mouna Guessous, Founder of⁠ I See You Wellness Sanctuary and high vibe products⁠. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for details.

I so look forward to our conversations and connections this month!

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