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May: Your Beauty is Sacred

As we celebrate the one year anniversary of The Sacred Beauty Collective membership community, we're returning to one of our core messages: Your Beauty is Sacred.

Society tells us that beauty is an external experience, not a spiritual one. As a result, we seek validation from the outside, instead of the inside.

But the truth is, beauty is so much more than how we look, it's a spiritual quality, a reflection of the Divine within and around us. Beauty isn't something we have to strive for, it’s our natural state and it's worthy of our love and care.

“I recognize my beauty unconditionally and I cultivate that understanding from a source of love and peace within myself and to God.” - Zainab Salbi

When we cultivate our relationship with Spirit, we strengthen our ability to see and share our unique inner and outer beauty with the world.

This month, we’ll be exploring how our spiritual beliefs, practices and rituals can help us reveal more of our authentic, sacred selves. I'll be sharing my rituals and holding space for our healing and growth.

I’m so excited and grateful to be on this journey with you!


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