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Meet Spring's Sacred Beauty Collective Experts

I'm beyond thrilled and honored to introduce you to the 3 Guest Experts who will be joining me for Sacred Beauty Collective this Spring! They are not only dear friends, but incredible holistic practitioners who I turn to for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support and guidance. These 3 women embody Sacred Beauty and I can’t wait for you to benefit from their love and wisdom too.⁣

Clockwise from the top right, meet our Sacred Beauty Collective 2019 Guest Experts! ⁣

@peggy_rrobinson is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Practitioner and Skin Expert. Peggy's our Guest Expert for Session 2, where she will teach us how to cultivate our beauty qi with acupuncture, massage, herbs, and gua sha. ⁣

Rebecca @santillistyled is an Intuitive Personal Stylist, Conscious Coach and founder of Rainbow Breathwork. She's our Guest Expert for Session 5, where she will empower us choose and style our clothing and accessories with more joy, ease and confidence.⁣

Kira is the founder and curator of @thepantherprocess, a multi-dimensional consciousness program that liberates mind, body, soul. She's our Guest Expert for Session 3 and will guide us through her signature Shadows of the Chakras, freeing us up to embrace our inherent beauty.⁣

Stay tuned for much more on these goddesses and click the link in my profile to learn more about how you can join us for Sacred Beauty Collective, starting on March 14th in New York City!⁣

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