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November: Nourishing Your Inner Glow

As the days get shorter and nights become longer, this time of year offers us an opportunity to slow down, get cozy and go inward.

In a world that focuses on external validation, nature reminds us that we need to go within to appreciate and sustain our own light.

This month, we’ll be focusing on ways to nourish our mental and physical health, so that we can feel grounded, clear and vibrant as we move into the winter and holiday season.

Together, we’ll explore the self-love practices and inner beauty rituals that can nurture our mind, body and beauty during the darker months and beyond.

What does nourishment mean to you during this time of year? Please share with us below!

November is also the start of our Fall/Winter season and I’m thrilled to bring together some of my most trusted guides as our Guest Experts:

We'll be joined by Dr. @peggy_rrobinson, Chinese Medicine Practitioner & my healer for 20+ years⁠, Mariam Mouna Guessous, Founder of⁠ @iseeyouwell sanctuary & high vibe products⁠ and Christine Platt, Founder & Author of The @afrominimalist’s Guide to Living With Less⁠. I can't wait for you to meet and learn from them.

I look forward to our conversations and connections!

Photo by Amanda Lopez

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