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Where I Stand, Why & What I'm Doing About It

Like so many of us, I’ve been deeply saddened and outraged over the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and all of the precious black lives lost to police brutality. The systemic racism that has allowed these atrocities to occur for hundreds of years must finally be exposed, examined and eradicated. It’s beyond time for us to create a society that not only acknowledges that Black Lives Matter, but truly protects, honors and celebrates them.

I grew up in the 80’s in Western NY. My hometown was (and still is) racially segregated, but I feel very fortunate to have attended diverse schools from kindergarten onwards. This gave me the opportunity to develop friendships with kids of all races and backgrounds. I remember hearing stories of racial discrimination from my black friends, who told me about these painful experiences and how they were affected by them. I also remember witnessing prejudice and racism within the white community, especially when they criticized and harassed me for my alliances with black friends.

My childhood experiences opened my eyes to the ugliness of racism and I haven’t looked away ever since. Decades later, I’m so grateful that we have made strides, yet we still have such a long way to go. As a white woman, I grapple with the realities of my race-based privilege and how I can be of service to black people and all people of color. These past couple weeks have reminded me that it’s not enough to be against racism, I must be proactively antiracist. I'm committed to doing the work.

Here’s some of what that means for me today:

❤️ I will examine my own biases, prejudice & privilege; a lifelong journey.

🖤 I will educate myself on how to take meaningful actions against racism.

❤️ I will listen & learn from the black community.

🖤 I will seek & support black businesses and leaders.

❤️ I will work with companies whose values are aligned with my own.

🖤 I will create content that represents black women & all WOC.

❤️ I will create spaces where black women & all WOC feel seen, heard and welcomed.

With Love & Solidarity,

XO Rebecca

📸: me at 21 months


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