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The Sacred Beauty Movement

The Sacred Beauty Movement started in 2015 as a series of salons, events and programs created to empower women to see their beauty as sacred through self-love, spirituality and sisterhood.

Cultural norms tell us that beauty is an external experience, not a spiritual one. As a result, we seek validation from the outside instead of the inside. When we embrace a holistic approach, we tap into something deeper, revealing more of our authentic selves. 

The Sacred Beauty Movement was inspired by my personal wellness journey of 20+ years, along with my work as a professional makeup artist and certified wellness coach.


Each Sacred Beauty experience will guide you through the connection between inner and outer beauty using the practices, resource and tools that have transformed my own life, as well as the lives of women across the world!

Women everywhere need to participate in a Sacred Beauty Salon, I got so much out of this program. Self-love and self-connection are profound ways to continue to make our planet a more beautiful place. What I love about the Sacred Beauty Salon Series is that I can see girls and women of every age really benefitting from this. Participate with your best friend, your sister, your daughter, your mother. It's so much fun and guaranteed to make you feel more beautiful from the inside out.

- Jeannie

The Experiences

The benefits of joining the Sacred Beauty Collective go beyond swag bags and makeup tutorials.  You receive a makeover of love and authenticity for your body, mind and soul. I left each session with a natural high and clear mindset for the weeks to come. The SBC women are some of the kindest women I have ever met and I now have more friends with whom I can be my true self. We all root for each other, which encourages us to grow. If you want to show yourself some TLC and dig deeper into your soul, joining SBC is a must.

Madeeha Khan, Account Manager

Watch our origin story

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