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One of my favorite ways to connect with people is through public speaking. I have over 12 years of experience teaching makeup and giving talks. I've hosted my signature Sacred Beauty Salons from coast-to-coast and been a featured speaker at several live events, including The WELL Summit for 5 years in a row. Some of the topics I love to talk about:


  • Clean Beauty: what it is, why it’s important and how to make the switch

  • Beauty Rituals: how we can turn our daily beauty routines into meaningful rituals 

  • Self Love: how practicing self love and acceptance are the keys to sustainable beauty

  • Aging Beautifully: tools to help women embrace our evolving beauty in new and empowered ways

  • Makeup: how we can use makeup as a medium for creativity, self-expression and love

For more information and to book me for an event, please send me an email-- I look forward to hearing from you!

Working with Rebecca is a dream—she's knowledgeable, dedicated and timely, and she communicates in a detailed and organized way. Her expertise in green beauty and self-love makes her a tremendous resource, and she quickly became a friend, not just a business colleague. Her style encompasses and encourages and partnering with her has given us a way to connect with more women worldwide.

Nicolle Mackinnon, Editorial Manager


It's such a joy for me to support and share the clean beauty and wellness brands that I know, trust and believe in. Women need help to navigate the many options on the market and it's my honor and privilege to be considered a trusted guide. 

If you're a clean beauty or wellness brand looking for an authentic connection to women who are looking for what you have to offer, I would love to speak with you about collaborating. Here are a few ideas for how we can work together!

  • Makeup artistry for photo and video campaigns

  • Sponsored posts for social media and blogs

  • Event and program sponsorship

  • Creative consulting, product development and testing

To review my media kit and discuss a collaboration, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you!