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True Beauty for All was a remarkable experience. I was in awe of Rebecca and Amanda's level of professionalism. The photoshoot was organized and efficient. Rebecca provided a glam makeup application that was still true to who I am. This campaign was so powerful for me that I cried when I saw the final images. We all have days and life experiences that make us feel disposable, unworthy, and unattractive. Participation in this helped me to feel a little more beautiful again.


- Chelsea Williams, Wellness Content Creator

I felt so relaxed and supported through out the session. At 65 it’s hard to get it right; too much makeup makes me look older, not enough doesn’t work with the joy and love I want to come through. It’s a very satisfying collaboration when you get it this right. There are so many uses for a beautiful portrait. So what are you waiting for... sign up! 


- Hope Gillerman, Founder of H. Gillerman Organics

I loved working with Rebecca and Amanda! They made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera. Clean beauty is important to me, and I was so happy to discover some new products to work into my beauty routine. In this digital world, head shots aren't just for models and actors anymore. If you've been putting it off, or it's time for some new photos, this is an incredible opportunity to work with a very talented team!


- Trina Albus, Founder of  Beauty Beyond 40

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