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Rebecca teaching a makeup lesson to wellness influencer


Embrace Your Face

Work with me 1-on-1 and learn

how to highlight your unique beauty using the best in plant-based makeup and skincare.

Real talk

Have you been avoiding makeup altogether because you don't

feel confident in your makeup skills or product knowledge?


How It Works

Woman applying lipstick


You will do a makeup application with my guidance, answering all

your questions along the way. 

Lipstick, blush, mascara and makeup brushes


Learn pro makeup tips and the best plant-based beauty products for your specific skin tone and type.

Coral and burgundy blush


Receive a follow-up email with your new makeup looks and links

to shop product recommendations.

Clean beauty makeup and vegan brushes


You deserve an empowering approach to makeup.

In this one-on-one Zoom session, I'll teach you ways to embrace your face using plant-based makeup and skincare as tools for creativity, self-love and care.

As a makeup artist, wellness coach and someone who's struggled with my own skin issues, I have a unique and holistic approach to beauty and makeup.

My goal is for you to walk away from this session feeling more confident in your inherent, natural beauty AND how to choose and apply makeup in a way that feels empowering, creative and fun!

Rebecca teaching a makeup lesson
Shades of White Stone

"Rebecca introduced me to new product lines and fit my need to find an everyday, professional look. During the lesson, she was a wonderful teacher. Well-versed in  the industry, she guided me through the journey and communities to explore  as I learn more about natural beauty." 


What Clients Are Saying


A makeup lesson with Rebecca Casciano is the perfect opportunity to be grateful for what you've got and learn how to honor it in a new way. Open, caring and knowledgable, Rebecca delivers healthy, practical and eco-conscious recommendations. Thanks to just one session with her, I'm looking forward to updating my make-up bag and the spirit with which I take care of myself every day. Vive the divine feminine! 

Dr. Stephanie M.   


Rebecca is a kindred spirit. She uses her knowledge of beauty- inner and outer - to remind others to lean on the inner beauty and let that shine outwardly. She has helped me affirm that healing in community is the best way to make it last.




After getting a makeup lesson with Rebecca, I was able to do my own makeup... for a professional photo shoot! Let me just emphasize how monumental this is: up until our time together I would have never considered going the DIY route. Ever since our session, I've felt fully empowered, inspired and confident. Rebecca is a talented ray of sunshine, bringing out the best in women using natural makeup, love and genuine connection as her tools. 


Rebecca S.     

Sara Moll, Vin Social

Successful beauty product reboot thanks to Rebecca! I was looking to replace my skin care and make-up products with natural products but didn’t know where to begin. She showed me all of these amazing products and taught me how to use them.  Weeks later I am still loving all the products and using the techniques she showed me - my make-up and skin has never felt or looked better.  Thank you Rebecca!

Sara M.

California Lawyer

Rebecca is a godsend!  I finally decided to make the switch from toxic beauty products to natural products and I didn't know where to turn. Rebecca is incredibly knowledgable about these products and wonderfully affirming and encouraging about how I can see my true beauty.  Our virtual beauty session was so informative and fabulously fun at the same time.  She's like your best friend and top make-up guru, all rolled into one! She generously provided me with a go-to list of fabulous natural beauty products that were right on target for my skin care and makeup needs.  I can't wait to have another session with her again - and enthusiastically recommend her! 

Brenda B.

Asian woman wearing natural makeup

Embrace Your Face


90 minute beauty consultation

& makeup lesson with me via Zoom​​

Follow-up email with plant-based beauty product recommendations & shopping list


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