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Spiritual Shower Ritual

Water is a powerful healing element that nourishes our bodies from the inside out and brings an energy of cleansing, purification and release. While I love to immerse myself in a bath or the ocean when possible, taking a Spiritual Shower is a practical daily ritual that can rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, opening a pathway for healing and creativity to flow.

Set the mood. As you’re running the water for your shower, bless the space by burning palo santo, incense and/or lighting a candle.

I love handmade, eco-friendly candles by Guided Flame Co. and Pink Moon's Claire de Lune. If you’d prefer not to light anything, try these Flameless Flicker Candles or use a diffuser with your favorite essential oils.

Set an intention. Before you step into the shower, think about your intention for this ritual. It can be something specific or an overall feeling you’d like to experience. Bonus: Write an affirmation that supports your intention on a post-it and attach it to your bathroom mirror.

In the shower. Spend the first few minutes just feeling the water on your skin and taking a few deep breaths. Bring your intention to mind and allow yourself some time to think, pray or simply listen for any messages. As you begin to wash your body, imagine that you're cleansing away any negative emotions you’d like to release.

Note: Plant-based bath and body products elevate the bathing experience from a routine to a ritual. Not only will you feel divine about using products that are safer for your skin, body and the planet, natural ingredients, such as essential oils, can be transformative. Studies have shown that essential oils can help relieve stress, boost your mood and enhance concentration.

Try Bathing Culture’s Mind & Body Wash for a luxurious, earthy cleanse or Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap for a budget friendly, yet fabulous option.

After the shower. As you’re drying off, reflect on what thoughts you’d like to bring into your day (or dreams). If you posted an affirmation on your mirror, read or say it out loud at least a few times. Once your skin is dried off, anoint yourself with an all natural, plant-based body oil. As you apply the oil over each body part, send yourself love and healing energy through your hands. Take a few moments to practice self-love and appreciate your body in all of its wonder and beauty!

My favorite body oil indulgences are max & me’s Circle of Protection Body Oil and Bathing Culture’s Outer Being Face & Body Oil, both of which contain healing, plant-based ingredients.

Now your Spiritual Shower Ritual is complete and you're ready to and start your day, or head to bed, feeling like the goddess you are.

Bonus: Grab a notebook and write down any insights you had while practicing this ritual. Some of my best ideas have come to me in the shower!

To learn about more beauty rituals like this one, be sure to join us in The Sacred Beauty Collective, a monthly membership community where women gather to explore our inner and outer beauty through self-love, sisterhood and spirituality. Hope to see you inside!

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