Your Beauty

is Sacred.


Welcome! I'm Rebecca, Clean Beauty Makeup Artist, Wellness Coach and Founder of The Sacred Beauty Movement. I'm passionate about empowering women to own their beauty through

self-love, sisterhood and spirituality.


From pro makeup tips to discussions about spirituality and self-love, at times The Sacred Beauty Collective was deep, emotional and challenging, but always fun, always soul-stirring and always meaningful. The Collective also brought together so many beautiful souls whom I now regard as sisters. Thank you, Rebecca, for leading with purpose, shining your light and being a catalyst for growth!

- Chrystelle


Sacred Beauty Collective got me through a really tough patch, professionally and personally. Although it's a group program, it feels as though each session is tailored specifically to you. This feeling helps you realize you are not alone in whatever you are struggling with. This is a place where, with Rebecca at the helm, women support women and leave feeling connected and ready to face whatever challenges lay before us.

- Cynthia


I've been wanting to overhaul my makeup to all-natural products, while also adjusting my palette to reflect growing in my hair silver. Rebecca showed me so many choices, with the proper application technique, and tuned her selections to my preferences. Our session saved me so many hours of my own research and prevented me wasting money on products that didn't suit me. I love everything I took home!

- Colleen


I booked a lesson with Rebecca to learn more about natural, non-toxic beauty. I was looking for products to match my skin tone and needs. Rebecca introduced me to new product lines that fit my needs for an everyday, professional look. During the lesson, she was well-versed in the industry and a wonderful teacher. 

- Allyn


You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are enough.

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