I always feel so amazing when I walk away from Sacred Beauty Salon sessions. I think that's when the power of it all sinks in and I feel it the most! My body and mind are so filled with positive energy and healthy food and love and beauty, my soul is enriched, and my confidence gets a big ol' boost! Rebecca, you've created a truly wonderful community and experience and I just can't get enough.

Katie Stehura, Professional Dancer

Sacred Beauty Salon Series touched a special place in my heart! Joining energies with other goddesses, some who traveled great distances, was a divine experience. I truly appreciate the way that this series has become a platform and sacred space for women to open up, be true to themselves, and loving toward others. I am so grateful to those who came together to make it all possible, and special thanks to Rebecca Casciano for embodying what it means to be a Goddess and creating this amazing experience! Namaste.

Vibe Veda, Founder of Vibe's Lifestyle 

Meeting and bonding with such amazing women was incredible. Sharing our stories and supporting each other encouraged everyone to go deeper and connect with their beauty, both inside and out. Having created such a genuine connection uplifts and empowers me! 

Rebecca Santilli, Co-Founder of The Taste Exchange

Rebecca has been my trusted sister and friend for over 20 years. She has always been an artist first and it's a pleasure to see how she has transformed her artistic ability into a brand of teaching women how to love and appreciate their inner and outer beauty. She is my favorite makeup artist and every time I attend her Sacred Beauty Workshops I come away with more inspiration to access the beauty within my soul.

Lorraine West, CEO of Lorraine West Jewelry

What a wonderful experience I had at Sacred Beauty Salon, Rebecca put together a very informative and eye-opening program. The women that I met there were so lovely-- I believe Rebecca is a magnet that attracts only lovely people and senses! I learned not only about tools to make our lives more beautiful, but I also learned more about myself and I really liked what I found. I also loved the gift bags, it was so much fun trying all of the green beauty products!

Dominyka Gajauskaite, International Model

Rebecca is so much more than an amazing make up artist. Everything she does is done with heart and her Sacred Beauty Salon Series confers that on it's participants. Through Rebecca's workshops each woman learns to see herself in new ways and is elevated into the belief that her beauty comes from within. Using natural makeup and gorgeous organic skincare is an amazing way to feel beautiful. When we feel truly beautiful, we feel beautiful inside and out. Rebecca, thank you for your wisdom!

Marcie Lakin, Life Coach and Eco-Makeup Artist

Rebecca's vision for Sacred Beauty has changed my life. Through her workshops, I've found the confidence to affirm my outer beauty such that my beauty from within is expressed in my powerful and graceful leadership.


Nadine Cino, Inventor and CEO 

Once again, Sacred Beauty Salon did wonders for my spirit. To be among so many bright, talented, courageous, compassionate, authentic, open-hearted, and beautiful women inside and out brings about an outpouring of unity and love in this world that has nothing to do with competition, comparison, politics, religion, race, beliefs, or anything divisive and solely to do with supporting and valuing each other as we are. Thank you to everyone who made the day remarkable and to Rebecca for bringing this divine vision to life and for so much more.

Sarita Coren, Green Beauty Expert and Founder of Edible Facial

Recently, I got to spend the afternoon with an interesting group of women at Sacred Beauty Salon Series, created by the most wonderful soul, Rebecca Casciano. I can still feel the love, power, knowledge, spirituality and everything about this great event. Can't wait to use the products in our gift bags to create amazing makeup looks. Stop and enjoy beauty in everything you see, starting with yourself!

Jeniffer German, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

I attended the Sacred Beauty Salon Series in November 2015 and it was delightful. Rebecca provided a warm, safe, inviting and comfortable atmosphere. It was very easy to feel welcomed and connected with women who I had never met before. Rebecca led us in thought provoking group exercises.  She demonstrated make up applications and assisted the group with her expertise. I was fortunate enough to have Rebecca do my eye brows and they looked amazing! I highly recommend this workshop. Rebecca is smart, energetic, encouraging and knowledgeable! 

Lisa Dolce LePosa, Mother

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