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Sacred Beauty Collective Launch Party

On February 2nd, I hosted a launch party for my newest program, Sacred Beauty Collective, at Follain in NYC. Follain is home to some of my favorite natural beauty brands, as well as where I meet my clients for one-on-one lessons. It was such fun to be there with an incredible group of women. Everyone was so warm and friendly with one another and the positive energy in the space was palpable.

To begin the evening, I led us through a short meditation, then shared some of the Sacred Beauty tools we would be using in my upcoming program. We exchanged stories, supportive words and basically bonded with one another in a short period of time. This is the magic that happens when women gather in the spirit of love and sisterhood!

I'm so grateful to Follain for hosting and to Health-Ade Kombucha and Rawclates for providing us with delicious beauty foods. And of course, to all the women who attended-- the best mix of new and old friends, clients and Sacred Beauty Salon alumni. It was the most wonderful way to introduce my new offering and begin the Sacred Beauty Collective journey!

See more photos from the Sacred Beauty Collective Launch here.

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