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"The Perpetual You" Cover Story

I am so grateful to be featured in the March Issue of The Perpetual You! The online magazine is dedicated to helping women "to create Ease, Fun, Wealth, and Joy -- in their own lives and in the lives of those around them." I was honored when they chose me to represent the theme of March, Joy Through Brilliance. To explore this idea and how it relates to my work with women, we did an in-depth interview and fun photo-shoot together!

As The Perpetual You's Editor, Lee Lee Thompson, powerfully states, "The philosophy of self-love and acceptance is vital to the progress of the beauty industry in our country, and around the world. Because we love ourselves, we deserve better beauty products. Green beauty is an intentional movement to make beauty conscious; it's also an opportunity for women to confirm the links between nutrition, wellness and skincare."

It's such a blessing to be part of this movement to help women see and celebrate their beauty and brilliance. Big thanks to The Perpetual You for this opportunity, and to Follain Soho and Maman for hosting our photoshoot!

Click here to read the story and enjoy then Joy Through Brilliance Issue.

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