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Spring Renewal: 5 Key Rituals for Inner + Outer Beauty

Spring has sprung, beautiful friend! Is your soul craving a refresh after those long winter months?  Mine too! This season is synonymous with renewal and growth, and that absolutely extends to your inner and outer radiance.

As your trusted Beauty & Wellness Coach, I'm here to be your guide on this journey of transformation. After all, spring is the time to shed wintery layers (both literally and figuratively) and step into a more confident, vibrant self.

The kind of confidence that comes from feeling connected to who you are and how you show up in the world!

These are my top 5 rituals to welcome spring from the inside out:

Create Your Sacred Space: Designate an area in your home that will and serve as a reminder to prioritize your self-care rituals, whether that be makeup, meditation or ideally, both! Set the tone with your favorite crystals, candles, flowers or anything that reminds you to take a breath and reconnect with yourself.

Set Your Intentions: Harness the potent energy of spring by taking some quiet moments to reflect on what you wish to experience in your life – whether it's connection, creativity or love. Write down your intentions somewhere special, like a journal or on a mirror, and revisit them throughout the spring.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine: Just as you declutter your home, it's time to refresh your beauty routine. Say goodbye to old, expired products or anything you can’t remember the last time you used. Embrace a less is more approach by having only the products you love and use and on hand.

Nourish Your Body with Plant-Based Beauty Foods: Explore the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs nature offers us! Incorporate colorful seasonal produce such as strawberries, asparagus, and radishes. Add vibrant greens like spinach, kale and arugula to salads or smoothies for a beauty and wellness boost.

Treat Yourself (But Make it Sustainable): It’s natural to want to buy something new this season, but you don't have to break the bank or harm the planet in the process. If you go shopping, look for pre-loved treasures at thrift stores and opt for plant-based beauty brands and products

May these simple, yet powerful, rituals will help you tap into the transformative power of the spring. Embrace the new beginnings, nourish your inner and outer beauty, and take excellent care of yourself this season!

Need support making self-care a priority? Book a Discovery Session with me!

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