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A Guide to Contouring Every Face Shape

I was happy to share my favorite contouring tips and products with the amazing Byrdie Beauty for their recent post "A Guide to Perfectly Contouring Every Different Face Shape". The takeaway: Feel free to experiment, tweak, and play with the rules (because, after all, makeup is meant to be fun and unique for everyone).

Just remember not to go too far overboard with contouring in the day-to-day. "For television and photo shoots, contouring can work well, but in real life, it should be done with a very light touch and precise placement, if at all," Casciano reminds us. 💁‍♀️💕 Click here to read the article, see celebrity examples and get my top clean beauty (of course!) products for contouring (if you choose to!)

Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Byrdie Beauty

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