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Clean Makeup for Well + Good

Brava! The Well + Good cookbook debuts today and it's gorgeous from the inside out, just like it's authors @iamwellandgood founders @alexiabrue and @melissejoy.

I'm so grateful to have worked behind the scenes to help Alexia and Melisse feel radiant and relaxed for their photoshoot. I've had the pleasure of doing their makeup on several occasions and it's always so inspiring to support these sisters.

This first-ever Well + Good cookbook is a curated collection of 100 recipes that the "buzziest and busiest" people in wellness cook for themselves. The recipes seem really simple to make and of course, the photos alone are simply mouthwatering!

This is a book you will definitely want to keep out for motivation to cook-- because we all need it sometimes, amiright? Photo by the talented @johnny_miller


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