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Dear Sister

Dear Sister,⁣ ⁣ This⁣ is healing.⁣ This⁣ is heart opening.⁣ This⁣ is support felt,⁣ love given &⁣ love received.⁣ This⁣ is sacred.⁣

Spirit travels⁣ from your heart⁣ to mine &⁣ back again.⁣

I see ⁣

your beauty.⁣ I see ⁣

your truth.⁣ I see⁣

your power &⁣ through your eyes⁣ I remember ⁣my own.

Dear Sister,⁣ Thank you,⁣

thank you,⁣

thank you.⁣ ⁣ Words by @kelseyfoxbennett ✍🏼

Photo by @dominykag⁣ 📸

This is #sacredbeautycollective

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