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Featured in Beauty Independent

Thank you to @beautyindependent for including me in this important conversation.

Sending so much love to all my makeup artists, hairstylists and beauty pros right now! Our industry is one of the many to be deeply impacted by Covid-19 and likely, will be for awhile.

My heart goes out to everyone who's had to close their business and/or have contracts and clients cancelled for the foreseeable future. ⁠

In all honesty, my work has been in a place of transition since my cross-country move, so this loss has been a little less painful for me.

I've also been wanting to lean into my online offerings, to reach and help more women, and this break has given me the time and focus to do that. I'm grateful. ⁠

Thank you to my sisters and brothers in beauty for sharing your stories. It's healing to remember that we're all in this together and as @gregorypattersonhair said "We’re hairdressers and creative people so now more than ever we have to think outside of the box, focus and use our time wisely and productively." 💄✂️⁠

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