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ILIA Beauty Campaign

It’s such an honor and blessing to be part of the @iliabeauty rebrand and launch of their incredible Super Serum Skin Tint! ILIA’s always been a trailblazer in clean beauty and a huge part of what allowed me to convert my conventional makeup to clean makeup many years ago.

If we’ve ever worked together on a photoshoot or makeup lesson, chances are VERY high I’ve used one of my ILIA Beauty favorites! Their lipstick is an absolute staple.

On this amazing project, I assisted a truly talented and inspiring sister in clean beauty @jennaantonmakeup. Not only did she do the most amazing work- beautifully painting the faces of 18 different women over 3 days- Jenna is a total Goddess! I’m grateful for her trust and to join forces in this important movement.


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