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Clean Beauty 101 Masterclass

Honored and excited to debut my FIRST EVER Clean Beauty 101 Masterclass video series with Dear Grown Ass Women, a dynamic community for multi-faceted women over 35 created by my friend, TEDx speaker, author, goddess @cyndiespiegel! In this 1-hour masterclass, I cover the importance of clean beauty, ingredients to look out for (and to love) plus, the best resources for exploring the world of clean beauty. It's ideal for anyone who's curious about #cleanbeauty and wants/needs to know more... sound like anyone you know? ⁠ Great, because Clean Beauty 101 is now available online for JUST $29 🎉

Plus, when you sign-up for DGAW membership (highly recommended) you get 25% off all masterclasses and so much more.

CLICK HERE to get in on my Clean Beauty 101 Masterclass! Questions? I'd love to hear from you.


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