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Introducing: Plant Based Beauty Book

Couldn't be more excited to share Plant-Based Beauty: The essential guide to detoxing your beauty routine by my dear friend, gifted writer and holistic esthetician @jessarnaudin! As you can see, it's a gorgeous book and it's filled with delicious wisdom, inspiration and recipes to help you embrace healthy, plant-based beauty throughout each season of the year.⁠

AND, I'm incredibly honored and grateful to have been asked to write the Foreword of this book! Jess, thank you not only for the opportunity to share my love for you and Plant-Based Beauty, but for creating space for me and The Sacred Beauty Movement. That is true sisterhood and I am deeply moved and thankful!⁠

Plant-Based Beauty is now available online and in shops worldwide. Visit to order your copy and a few for friends and family- it's a lovely gift for plant-based newbies and novices alike.


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