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Introducing #TrueBeautyForAll

February is the month of LOVE and to celebrate, I'm so excited to share my new project with photographer, friend and sister in clean beauty, Amanda Lopez @greenbeautylove♥️♥️⁠

#TrueBeautyForAll is a portrait series that highlights the inherent beauty in ALL women, using ALL clean cosmetics.⁠

✨ We believe that women of all ages, races, religions, sizes and backgrounds deserve to be seen, heard and celebrated. ⁠

✨ We believe that all women deserve clean, plant-based cosmetics that are better for our skin, body and planet. ⁠

✨ We believe that sharing our truths creates a ripple effect that empowers other women to do the same.⁠

✨ We believe in being voices for change by creating art that reflects our values and helps shift the beauty paradigm.⁠

For the first week in February, Amanda and I will be sharing a portrait of a women empowered to share her authentic beauty with the world through her images and words. ⁠

Please join us and share your support #TrueBeautyForAll

🙌🏼 🙌🏽 🙌🏾 🙌🏿⁠


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