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Limitless: A Beauty Editorial

"As older women, we have witnessed the passage of time as an evolution. From one decade to the next, we observe the changes: in culture, lifestyles, trends, and attitudes, each generation bringing forth the wisdom of the previous, or so we hope. Regardless of our perspective, our subconscious, our soul, and literally, our skin has shed many times to bring about our transformation. ⁠

This internal passage of time has made us adaptable to the external forces, it has strengthened our spirit and sensitized us to feel more deeply and with more conviction. To show the world, our peers and loved ones, our inner dynamics becomes an essential part of this unfolding." ⁠ L I M I T L E S S | words by @agreenbeautymagazine

CLICK HERE to see full story 📸: @shelbygordonphoto 💄: @rebeccacasciano 🔥: Cathy Cooper @blantonia @lamodels


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