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Makeup Lessons for Tweens + Teens

When Militza, founder of eco-lifestyle guide Little Green Dot, asked me to do a virtual makeup lesson with her 11 year old daughter, I was thrilled. Our session was so rewarding for everyone involved, it inspired me to add an offering especially for tweens and teens to my site!

Here's what Mama Militza had to say about the session:

"My 11 year old has it harder than I did at her age. I had insecurities and hormonal breakouts like her - but I didn’t have social media and selfies making me feel things harder. When she started asking me for concealer and “pore-eraser”... I thought oh no! So I reached out to my friend @rebeccacasciano. She’s a makeup artist, natural beauty expert and leads empowering beauty workshops. She’s an awesome coach - and I know first hand the power of working with a coach. I booked Rebecca for a virtual makeup lesson. She guided my daughter through the complexities of makeup and self image. They talked about colors and brushes, school and friends. It was playful and fun, creative and positive. And she learned a lot! One thing is for sure - my daughter does not want to learn about makeup from me! And that’s okay. I love that we can turn to each other to fill those spaces - and support one another in the process."

Mamas, I'd be honored to teach your precious girls how to choose and apply makeup that's non-toxic, age appropriate and fun!

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