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Mirror Work Ritual

Mirror Work is a ritual that's practiced by looking into your eyes in the mirror, while stating positive affirmations, out loud or in your mind.

I recommend doing this ritual in the morning, while you're applying your skincare, makeup or styling your hair for the day. All too often we spend this rare, one-on-one time with ourselves being self-critical or thinking about our to-do list.

Why not instead, use that time to beautify our bodies and how we see ourselves?

With all of our external influences, it can be a struggle to maintain a positive self-image. Since the mirror can reflect both how we look and how feel, it can be a powerful tool for practicing self-love.

How to practice Mirror Work:

  1. Choose an affirmation you'd like to start with. Try your favorite"I AM" statement, "I love you" or "I'm learning to love you".

  2. Stand or sit in front of a mirror, preferably in a private space.

  3. Look into your eyes and take a deep breath or two.

  4. Say your affirmation out loud, if possible. If not, say it in your mind.

  5. Repeat your affirmation slowly, giving it some time to settle.

  6. Deeply inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat 3x.

  7. In closing, place your hand on your heart in gratitude.

  8. Bonus: Journal about your experience for 5-10 minutes

As you start shifting from old, limiting beliefs to new and inspired ways of thinking, you may experience a range of emotions. Feeling sad, angry and/or happy are all totally normal feelings to have on our self-love journey.

It usually takes time and consistency to begin seeing positive change, so try incorporating Mirror Work into your daily rituals for 7-21 days. Take note of any feelings that come up and how they may have shifted during your practice.

Have you tried Mirror Work? Please share your experiences with me below!

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