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My 1 Year in Cali Anniversary

One year ago today, I arrived in Pasadena, California to begin our new chapter. After 25 years in NYC, I was ready for more sunshine, sky and natural beauty- Cali was calling me! I put it out into the Universe and trusted, someday, somehow we would find our way. And then one day, it appeared. I couldn't be more grateful to (and proud of) my partner for saying yes to the opportunity that brought us here.

Moving across the country and starting a new life isn't without its challenges, but we're both loving our new hometown and pinching ourselves that we get to experience its seemingly never ending beauty. The current situation's put a cramp in our adventures and sometimes that bums me out, then I remind myself of all the amazing things I've seen and people I've met in just the short time I've been here and my heart's full again!

Huge thanks to all of our family and old friends for your love and support, and to all of our new friends for your open hearts and warm welcomes. You’ve made our big move so much easier. In the midst of this emotional rollercoaster, I'm celebrating a dream come true today 🙏🏼🌞🌵⁠⠀


Photo by Amanda Lopez @greenbeautylove


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