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My Daily Morning Practice

When we think about that which is sacred to us, it’s often connected to our spiritual beliefs and practices. I believe that each one of us has our own unique connection to the divine, which can be nurtured in so many different ways.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I really started developing my own relationship to spirituality. Perhaps like you, my own beliefs and rituals have evolved over time.

However, there are 3 core rituals that I have continued to practice and benefit from for many years now: meditation, prayer and journaling.

When I show up for these 3 rituals first thing in the morning, it instantly improves my morning mood and the quality of my day. Throughout the day, I feel more calm, connected and courageous; it strengthens my ability to handle challenging situations. I feel happier and more at ease.

I thought I’d share My Daily Practice with you and invite you to join in. Here’s what it looks like:

10 minutes of journaling/”Morning Pages” via author Julia Cameron

Over the past few years, I like to start my daily entries: Dear Universe. Then I free write whatever is on my mind and heart that morning. That includes mundane details like “I’m feeling tired” or “this is what I need to do today”. At some point my writing always evolves into expressing gratitude, asking questions and/or receiving answers to things I’ve been wondering about.

Journaling is a wonderful ritual for getting in touch with your higher self! I feel clearer and more at ease after putting my thoughts on paper. Sometimes I journal after meditation, but find that doing it before helps to clear my mind to prepare for the sitting.

10 minutes of meditation and prayer

For meditation, I prefer to sit on my floor, in my bed or out on our balcony. On those mornings I'm extra sleepy, I’ll do it laying down in bed, but sitting in lotus position is preferable. I like to listen to guided meditation, music or sound healing, both to assist with relaxation and provide a timer for the sitting. I also enjoy meditating for longer periods of time when I can. In my opening and closing prayers, I express gratitude and ask for guidance and support for myself and others.

I firmly believe that meditating for even just five minutes, on a daily basis, has a positive impact on our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. When we’re still and quiet, we can reconnect with the present moment and life force energy moving through us.

Now, I’d like to invite you to join me in My Daily Practice (now yours) for the next 14 days! No matter when you read this, you can join in. When we practice together, it supports and strengthens our individual and collective energy.

I recommend this as a morning ritual because it’s powerful way to start your day, but you can do this anytime of day. However, choosing a time and sticking with it is optimal for creating this (or any) daily ritual.

What are your favorite journaling or meditation tools or techniques? Please post your thoughts, questions and experiences in the comments below!


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