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My Top 4 Rituals for Welcoming the New Year

Happy New Year, Beauty! Isn't it fascinating how we mark the start of a new year right in the midst of winter? Personally, being a March baby, I've always felt more connected to the renewal of springtime.  At the same time, there's an undeniable allure to diving into New Year's celebrations and rituals.


For me, it's the collective energy geared towards self-reflection and personal growth. Did you know that New Year's Day ranks as one of the most celebrated holidays worldwide? The thought of so many humans contemplating similar positive changes simultaneously is inspiring.


Now, let's get real – as much as I'd love to partake in ALL the New Year's practices and rituals, I've learned that trying to do many things can leave me feeling overwhelmed. Through years of experience, I've discovered four simple practices that leave me feeling centered, grateful and inspired as I step into the new year. And guess what? They might work wonders for you too! 


Here are my top 4 rituals for welcoming the New Year with open arms:


1. Reflect on 2023 and celebrate my journey.  To help me review, I look through my photos and calendar, noting the events and times that stand out to me. Then, I journal to these three prompts:  

What were the highlights of this year? What challenges did I face?  Where do I feel inspired to go next? 


2. Refresh my living space. My home is my sanctuary. Over several days, I clear out clutter and clean each room, including drawers and closets. I let go of items that are no longer serving me.  Along the way, I like to move things around, creating new energy and flow.  

What's one area you'd like to refresh in your home?


3. Reconnect with daily rituals. The holiday season often throws us off our routine, but it's okay! This is my cue to recommit to the practices that ground and rejuvenate me. I find solace in bookending the day with morning and evening rituals, like journaling.  

What are your daily go-to practices?


4. Reset my intentions for the year ahead. This is a potent time to redefine how I want to feel, who I aspire to become, and what I aim to achieve in various areas such as Health, Relationships, and Career. I brainstorm words and ideas under each category, highlighting the ones that resonate the most. 

What's one word that represents how you want to feel in 2024?


Please share your responses in the comments below, I'd LOVE to hear from you!


Scheduling time to take care of yourself and your life in this way is an act of self-care that cannot be rushed.  These rituals can take time and thought, so go at your own pace and be gentle with yourself. 


As always, if you need support making sustainable, positive changes in your diet, lifestyle and/or beauty routine, I am here for you.

Schedule a free Discovery Session with me to meet virtually and learn more!

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