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Exploring Spiritual Practice

Spirituality can be thought of as our connection to a higher power, whether that be God, Spirit, The Universe or whatever that means to you. I see it as an inner knowing that we’re part of something greater than ourselves, beyond the physical realm and yet, at our very essence.

Our spiritual practice includes the actions we take to honor, nourish and strengthen our connection to Spirit. They can be anything from elaborate ceremonies to simple rituals, small, everyday acts done with intention.

The practice is showing up on a consistent basis and when we find ourselves off of the path, returning again and again.

My own spiritual practice began in the late 90’s, when I first learned about yoga and meditation in a college course at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I remember feeling that, after so many years of not feeling connected to the religion I was raised in, I’d finally found my “church”. I’ve been on my spiritual journey ever since!

From my first experiences with Eastern and Indigenous spiritual practices, I felt a deep connection to Spirit that I didn’t have growing up. For over 25 years, I’ve continued to learn more and incorporate the ideas, tools and rituals that resonate with me.

Meditation and yoga are still important parts of my practice, along with others which have roots in East and South Asian, Indigenous and African cultures.

I acknowledge that my understanding of these practices are limited to being a white woman, often being taught by white people, in America. I am committed to seeking and supporting BIPOC teachers and learning new ways to honor and appreciate, rather than appropriate, their sacred traditions.

I truly believe that we each have our own, unique connection to Spirit and our practice can be a reflection of that.

Whether it’s saying a prayer, taking a walk in nature or sitting in meditation, creating our own unique, spiritual practice brings much-needed peace, beauty and purpose to our lives.


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