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Embracing Aging

As we begin to transition from summer to fall, let's take some time to honor one of life's greatest transitions, aging! Getting older and the natural changes that come with it are an inherent part of being alive.

And yet, for decades, the false notion that a woman’s worth, beauty and power diminishes with age has been deeply-rooted in every aspect of our culture.

This harmful messaging has us spending precious time and resources on fighting the signs of aging at every turn, rather than celebrating all of who we are, throughout the stages of our lives.

"For me, It felt like a ploy to somehow shut me down, to get me to hide, to be quiet, to erase myself, all at the exact moment in my life when I had gained the most intelligence, the most wisdom, and the most confidence.” - Justine Bateman, Face: One Square Foot of Skin

As we age, what we gain is so much more valuable than what we lose. Now more than ever, the fact that we are alive and evolving is something to cherish and honor every day.

Who has time for anything less?


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