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Eco Wedding Makeup

I love helping brides prepare for their special day! So it was an extra special honor to have the opportunity to work with Alden Wicker, the founder of popular sustainable lifestyle brand, EcoCult. We arranged to do a makeup trial to test out some products and looks. Alden wrote about all about it on EcoCult!

Yes, I want to look radiant and beautiful on my wedding day. I want my makeup to cover blemishes so perfect it’s like they never happened. (#flawless) I want my skin to glow like I’m an angel descending from heaven. I want any under eye circles resulting from the welcome drinks running late the night before to vanish. You know what? I might even want to try out some of that contouring magic.

But my daily makeup routine is fairly simple and light: tinted SPF moisturizer, a quick cat eye, mascara, and – if I’m feeling fancy – lipstick. All this contouring business scares the crap out of me, for the basic reason that I don’t want to look like I stepped out of a YouTube makeup tutorial from a suburban, New Jersey-based 22-year-old.

Even scarier? Wearing a thick layer of conventional makeup for 12 hours. I’ve heard some horror stories from friends about wedding makeup, and if I ended up in a situation where I was trying to keep myself from clawing the makeup off my itchy skin, that would be a fail.

Luckily, when I started thinking about my wedding makeup, I found myself at a couple of different events with Rebecca Casciano, a non-toxic makeup artist. As far as we know, she’s the only reputable nontoxic makeup artist living in New York City. And obviously, she’s the only choice for me.

Read the full article to learn about find out eco wedding makeup, why a trial is important and what I used on Alden!

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