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What is Sisterhood?

As I prepare to start a new season of Sacred Beauty Collective, my 3-month membership program, I'm feeling inspired to share what sisterhood means to me. Although I don't have a sister as a sibling, I see all women as sisters (and men as brothers) in humankind. We all connected by the universal energy that gives us life and so many of the same needs, desires and challenges. As women, we share a special bond that I am so grateful to witness and experience each and every time we come together. This is why sisterhood is so essential for our spirits and the world:

Sisterhood allows us to truly being seen, heard and felt by another.

Sisterhood is a safe, sacred space to rest and rejuvenate our spirit.

Sisterhood is a container for deep love, personal growth and evolution.

Sisterhood is our touchstone.

Sisterhood is our communion.

Sisterhood is uplifting, empowering, inspiring, beautifying...

Sisterhood is changing the world for the better!

Sisterhood is our medicine. You rise, I rise. We all rise together.

I feel very fortunate to have had close, long-standing relationships with others girls and women since I was a child. I grew up having lots of sleepovers, phone calls and shopping dates with a circle of girlfriends I adored. As I got into my teens, I experienced some of the tension, cattiness and mistrust that many girls, and even women, experience with one another. I got prank calls, shoves in the hallway and was even provoked into a couple of physical fights with girls (can you imagine?) who didn't like me because of a boy who did, or because I thought I was "all that." Yes, I also feel really lucky that my mama taught me self-confidence at a young age!

Although these experiences were definitely tough times, I am so grateful that they didn't let them stop me from developing my friendships. There was too much fun to be had and besides, nobody in the world can understand you like your sister-friend! It was my sisters who I swapped clothes and beauty products with, who went to Planned Parenthood with me for the first time, who listened and advised me on every crush and relationship, who bought me my first makeup book, who encouraged my dreams and who stood by my side no matter what.

My oldest and closest sister, Lorraine. Yes, sisterhood spans race, age and religion. We need more of this!

That said, I understand that every one of us has a unique path. Not all women have been so fortunate to have women in their lives they feel they can truly connect with and rely upon. Some of us have been deeply hurt by other women, or have simply grown apart from the women we once considered our close friends. As busy adults, it can be challenging to find time to see our old friends, much less find new sisters who reflect and appreciate the multi-faceted women we are today.

This was one of the main reasons I started Sacred Beauty Collective. From the first event I hosted, I recognized the palpable energy and beauty in the room when women come together. I was so moved by how we can open up and share in a room of "strangers", how we can almost instantly feel when it's safe to be ourselves, to cry, to let go. It was incredible how much support, love and understanding my guests showed one another, many of them just meeting for the first time. It was crystal clear how much sisterhood is needed and I became dedicated to creating this space.

Nothing makes you glow like being in the company of sisters!

What does sisterhood mean to you? Do you have sisterhood in your life? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Sacred Beauty Collective 2019 begins LIVE in New York City on March 14th! Will you join us in the Sacred Beauty Sisterhood?

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