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How To Pull Off The White Eyeliner Look Rihanna is Obsessed With

This beauty is now up on Well+Good and my makeup tips are featured! I was psyched to share about this because I love me some white eyeliner! Used to wear it in the mid 90’s, anyone else? Here's a peek at the post:⠀ “White eyeliner definitely has an eye-opening appeal,” New York City–based makeup artist Rebecca Casciano tells me. “It’s bright, bold, and a fresh take on the traditional black liquid cat-eye.” According to the makeup pro, the winged look first made its way onto the beauty scene in the 1960s, when both white and black eyeliner were used to create graphic lines around the eyes. It made a comeback in the ’90s, and now it has officially arrived in the 21st century. (Thanks, Rihanna.)⠀ To help you master the aesthetic—like, stat—Casciano provides a step-by-step guide for channeling RiRi’s eye-popping look before your next girls’ night out. Tap here to read more and get my guide over on Well+Good!

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